We always have this common sense that we shouldn't eat near your laptop, but we all do it anyway and we even drink near to the laptop.. Whether you're working through lunch or snacking while you surf the web, it's easy to get your keys greasy. Even if you're among the disciplined few who don't eat near the laptop, your fingers contain oil that eventually builds a coat of grime on your keys, which would makes your laptop keyboard looking very dirty and maybe worse, you may infect virus. So cleaning the laptop keyboard often is getting very important to everyone using laptop. Cleaning your keys thoroughly maintains your computer's luster, and doing it safely will help extend its life.

Make sure to prepare some tools first before cleaning the laptop, such as dishwashing detergent, water, small plastic bowl and two lint-free cloths. They could greatly help your cleaning job.

Remember to shut down your laptop. Remove the battery from the laptop. Plug off all the devices which attached to the laptop before. What’s more, let the laptop cool down totally.

Get a solution of warm water and a drop of dishwashing detergent in a small plastic bowl. Dip the tip of one of the cloths in the solution, then wring it out so it is damp, not wet. Ensure that there is no excess water.

Wipe the keyboard gently. The dishwashing detergent should cut the grease, just as it does on plates and cookware. You should also wipe the keyboard carefully and detail. The grassy sometimes also stay below the keys. We should do not miss any corner or any keys.

Wipe with the dry cloth. As the surface of the laptop keyboard totally dry, we could start to use this laptop again and I am sure the laptop keyboard looks like totally new again.

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