With the often usage of the laptop, its accessories may have some problems, so does the laptop keyboard. Laptop keyboards may feel rugged, but in most cases they are very lightweight and not built to withstand a lot of pressure or force. Because of this, your Dell F759C Keyboard may become dented when dropped or if something hits it. If your keyboard is damaged, you can't just pull out the dent. Because the keyboards are cheap, what makes the most sense is to replace the keyboard with a new one.

With a simple screwdriver, we could easily fix the dented Dell F759C Keyboard, which you just need to follow the steps below.

Read your laptop manual or call the manufacturer to see if the laptop keyboard is replaceable. If it is, we could purchase directly from the manufacture. However, it is always too expensive to get the original one. In fact, we could also try to purchase online for just a replacement one, which could also compatible with our laptop and works very well.

Before you do anything to the laptop, do remember to turn off the laptop. Remove the battery from the back of the laptop. Unscrew anything that is holding the keyboard in place. You will have to refer to the instructions for specifics. Sometimes there is a cover that can be flipped out with a screw driver; other times you unscrew the keyboard from the screws that are exposed in the battery compartment.

Lift the keyboard up and gently disconnect the cable. The cable either will pull straight out or need a connector pinched to release it. Be cable because the cable can damage easily and is not simple to replace. At the same time, keep all the screws together without any missing.

Connect the new keyboard to the cable and put it back in the laptop. Screw the keyboard in place and put any covers back. Replace the battery and test the keyboard.

Make sure you do every step very carefully, because any carelessness may destroy your laptop keyboard.

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