A laptop's power adapter serves two basic purposes: supplying power to the computer's internal parts and charging the laptop's battery. If your power adapter does not work correctly or your battery has stopped charging, there are several basic troubleshooting methods you can follow as what I check for my Dell 330-4113 AC Adapter.

Generally speaking, there always are problems from two aspects, ac adapters’ problem & laptop batteries problem.

For the ac adapters’ problem, when you notice that your power adapter is malfunctioning, immediately save all open documents, shut down the computer and disconnect any cables or accessories you are using. Before adjusting anything on the power adapter or computer, make sure the electrical outlet you are connected to works correctly. Plug another electronic device, like a cell phone charger, into the outlet to ensure that power is flowing properly.

Then investigate the power adapter. Many laptop power adapters include two parts: a power brick that connects to the computer and a power cable that connects to an outlet. Firmly connect the two parts and see if the laptop begins charging again. If not, you can usually swap out the adapter's power cable with any other standard computer power cable. If the adapter stilt does not work, then you may have to consider replacing or repairing your power brick. For laptops under warranty, there is usually no charge for this.

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