Dell Inspiron 1545 keyboard

In out daily life, it is not usually but common that people count on their laptops to do all sorts of things – surf the internet, handle data and provide entertainment-- but one thing they are absolutely useless for is absorbing liquids. Nonetheless, an unlucky laptop owner might find himself accidentally dumping his favorite beverage all over the laptop keyboard. While it may seem like a catastrophe, quick action and a diligent hand can avert disaster and protect the keyboard from permanent destruction.

For better action, we could prepare the following tools, such as rubbing alcohol, cotton swab, paper towel etc., which could greatly help us to do the following steps.

First of all and most importantly, shut down the laptop and remove all power sources as quickly as possible. Unplug the power cord and remove the battery as quickly as possible. Then remove every detachable piece from the laptop. Remove anything plugged into the USB ports, anything inserted into a disk drive and possibly even some of the laptop components themselves. Consult the user's manual to determine which pieces on your specific laptop model can be removed.

Then carefully rinse the laptop keyboard with distilled water, which can be purchased at most grocery stores. Rinse it as soon after the spill as possible, before the spilled liquid has time to dry. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly.

Clean the keyboard carefully with a cotton swab dipped in a half-and-half mixture of distilled water and rubbing alcohol. If possible, remove each of the keys and clean them individually. If the keys cannot be removed, clean every nook and cranny as best as possible.

Dry the laptop with a paper towel to remove any remaining liquid. Ensure that every area is dry, and that no area still has a significant amount of water.

Finally place the laptop in a safe, dry location and allow it to dry for 24 to 48 hours. Only after it is completely dry should you plug it back in and attempt to turn it on. A new completely HP Pavilion DV2000 Keyboard come back again.

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