As a laptop user, we would not forget the clean of laptop keyboard or laptop lcd panel. However, most of us would ignore cleaning one important part, that is the ac adapter plug. In fact, the AC adapter plug for a laptop should be cleaned if the plug appears dirty or corroded, or if the battery indicator blinks on and off intermittently, indicating a bad connection between the AC plug and the laptop jack. It will also take longer for the AC adapter to recharge the laptop battery if the connection is going bad.

In another stand, protecting and cleaning the ac adapter plug well, means longer& better usage of ac adapter and laptop battery. Cleaning the adapter plug takes only a few minutes when safety precautions are followed as below which I used for my Acer DA-60F19 LCD adapter

Before cleaning, do not forget to prepare the following tools and items: such as Fine-grit sandpaper, White vinegar, Electrical contact cleaner, Can of compressed air, Cotton swabs, Paper towels etc.

Then you just need to follow the below tips step by step within several minutes:

First of all, disconnect the adapter from the wall outlet and the back of the laptop; Scrub around the outer ring of the adapter plug with fine-grit sandpaper to remove any obvious corrosion;

Dip cotton swabs in white vinegar and scrub the inside and outer metal ring of the adapter plug. Vinegar is a weak acid that can dissolve minor corrosion to improve the electrical contact between the adapter and the laptop; Blast the adapter and the hole in the ce

there are still two important aspects should pay attention to when clean the Acer DA-60F19 LCD adapter Edit

nter with the can of compressed air;

Wipe the adapter plug with paper towels and allow to dry completely

1> make sure that the adapter and cables are dry before reconnecting to the laptop or wall outlet.Edit

2>Aerosol contact cleaner, available at electronics and automobile parts stores, can be used instead of vinegar. However, do not pour or spray any liquids directly on the adapter plug. Use cotton swabs or paper towels to apply solvents such as white vinegar.

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